Free shipping to the US, Canada, and the EU

Free shipping to the US, Canada, and the EU


Welcome to your new daily assistant.

Patented one-touch technology and premium materials have been meticulously engineered to give you the most efficient everyday sidekick. It's not for everyone. Our customers say they "could never go back to a regular backpack." Join the pack to find out why.


Ships October 16 - 21, 2018. Limited stock available.

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    Features Summary

    - Patented one-touch access with two-factor latching system

    - Glass-filled nylon components and powder coated nickel hardware

    - Quick access pocket with carbon fibre zipper

    - Waterproof ballistic nylon with gasket seal

    - Adaptive memory foam padding and genuine leather flap-free straps

    - Padded hardshell lense case

    - Self-retracting luggage pass through

    - Auxiliary strap adds up to 10 litres single-item capacity 

    - Mobile charging enabled USB pass through - power bank not included

    - Designed and handcrafted in Toronto, Canada

    Height: 17"     Width: 11"     Depth: 6.5"     Capacity: 19L     Weight: 4lbs 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Watson - A fitting name for this smart backpack

    I never thought that I would call a backpack smart, but this really is such a smart design. The creators have thought of everything! It's extremely functional and organized, stands on it's own, opens with a click, protects my laptop with its hardshell and also looks great! There are so many features, some of which I'm still discovering as the needs come up.

    I do get asked about it a lot as I'm wearing it, it's definitely an attention grabber. Some people get taken aback by the price, however, it is such an amazing product I would argue that it's well worth it. I've used my last backpack for over 5 years, daily and never leaving home without it. Would I spend $500 on a product I use this much? Absolutely!

    I've been using Watson for about a month and I love it as much as I did on the first day. A huge thanks to the Watson team for creating it.

    TLDR: 10/10. Highly recommend this to anyone.

    Why the wait?
    We've just launched and we're a bit overwhelmed with orders at the moment! We thank you for your patience during this busy time.