Free shipping to North America, flat rate worldwide.

Free shipping to North America, flat rate worldwide.


Bringing data-driven design to the analog world


We launched WATSON because we wanted to explore the edges. We wanted modern everyday tools that were truly assets, not just ho-hum. WATSON is about optimizing our belongings for their modern purpose - and the future of work is fluid, purposeful, and creative.

Our flagship Pack is the product of 10,000 user data points. Using the scientific method and months of first hand observations, we systematically addressed every pain point. Two years and a lot of working weekends later, we've engineered our dream everyday companion. An object built expressly for your modern daily rituals.

Born in San Francisco, WATSON is proudly designed and handcrafted in Toronto, Canada. We are aggressively pursuing a neutral carbon footprint for 2019 and a completely circular (no waste) business model by 2020. More on sustainability here.

With gratitude,

Val Crisp, Designer and Founder, + the Watson Team

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We've just launched and we're a bit overwhelmed with orders at the moment! We thank you for your patience during this busy time.