Watson takes to the streets

January 09, 2018

Watson takes to the streets

Hello and welcome to the final edition of Watson Weekly for 2017!

What a year it has been, culminating in massive progress and excitement as we get ready to officially launch Watson out into the world. We are so thankful for all of your support this year and can’t wait to repay you in kind... Speaking of which, let’s get on with the update!

Production Update

Our sample has been assembled and unleashed on the streets of Toronto for final testing. We’ve discovered some small tweaks needed - but that’s just what this stage is for. Overall the team is extremely pleased with the product and it’s performance.

Improvements of note:

  • Fabric integration: You’ll notice a sleek external bezel keeps fabric secured and integrated neatly instead of having it wrap around the edges. This allows for a rain-proof seal, a smoother profile, easier assembly, and failsafe latching.
  • Larger side pocket (not pictured) for improved access: After the initial assembly, we’ve increased the size of the side pocket to make it really easy to use and get in and out of.


Special thanks to Abe, Stijn, Burhan, and Celeste for making it all come together.

We’ll be refreshing our website to reflect these updates in the coming days but wanted to share the updates with our subscribers asap. You heard it here first!

Change Agents: Muse

For those of us who find the idea of meditating abstract, it can be helpful to game-ify the experience. Muse is a meditation device that allows users to experience meditation through real-time neurofeedback and measure their progress after each session. The device’s guiding sounds change based on your brainwaves and help you achieve a deeper focus.

Muse has been on our radar for a while, being Toronto native, but it wasn’t until we tried the device at the b8ta store on a recent trip to San Francisco that we got fully on board. The band is comfortable, and the app is easy to customize depending on how much guidance you prefer. There’s no right way to meditate, the act of practicing regularly and deliberately is enough to reap the benefits, but for the competitors among us it is motivating to try to beat your scores over time. For us, any tool that makes you more likely to stick with and enjoy a productive routine is worth checking out. And if you want to take your mental performance tracking past your morning routine, check out the newly released Lowdown Focus glasses. They're next level.

Thanks for reading and talk soon,

Watson Team