Thank You's, Updates, and Rocket Crashes

October 29, 2017

Thank You's, Updates, and Rocket Crashes

News & Thanks

We'd like to start out with a huge thank you to everyone who completed our survey in the last newsletter. We received hundreds of survey responses. What!? You guys rock. WATSON is really becoming a living, breathing creation made by all of you. Thank you for taking the time. This data is invaluable.

Production Updates

Despite the fact that our buttons are lockable, we still get a lot of questions about theft. How will WATSON prevent a stranger from accessing your bag when the whole idea is high-speed access? This was perhaps a blind spot for us living in Toronto, where theft is lower than many other metropolitan areas. With this in mind, we’ve moved the lock to the back of the bag. Now, the front is super clean, only the access button is there and the lock is on the upper back corner. It's super discreet while wearing and for a stranger to access it they’d have to 1) know the bag well and 2) give you a back rub! Here's a snazzy illustration. We'll be updating our photography to reflect this in the coming weeks. You heard it here first!

Change Agents

Best Made Co. is an American maker of tools and clothing out of New York. In their own words, their customers are “makers, adventurers, tinkerers, and curiosity seekers who only want one thing from us: quality. In a world where true considered quality is increasingly rare, we are a reassuring promise that there are those who are still devoted to the craft of well made things.” This manifests in sourcing materials from heritage mills, constructing goods the old fashioned way, and connecting makers who delight in thoughtful tangible objects.

While some of their offerings are more woodsman than urban, the Merino Wool Hooded Sweatshirt might be just the thing to level-up your company threads this fall. Made in partnership with the same wool makers that supply the French navy, this zip-up is light, warm, legit.

What's more, Best Made's Books & Media category is an expertly curated trove of cool and unusual books - a fantastic place to start if you’re getting into the gift-giving mood. The NASA Graphics Standards Manual is a rare look inside the agency’s 1974 rebranding and worth checking out.

Finally, if you’re starting to feel burnt out as we enter the dip that is November, here’s a video montage of Space-X crashes (2min) to cheer you up.

Thanks for reading and talk soon,

Watson Team