Something to Hold on to, Orange Monkeys, and Giving Thanks

Something to Hold on to, Orange Monkeys, and Giving Thanks

November 24, 2017

 Production Update

This week marked our last week of revisions and improvements before building our final sample on our way to green-lighting production. This included perfecting the overall shape, integrating the fabric, and adding a small handle to help you close the bag. 

Originally, you had to kind of "palm" the front panel and push it closed. That was OK, but introducing a specific spot that's easy to grab makes packing up significantly faster. With the help of 3D printed testers, we were able to try out different versions of this grab area to choose just the right one. It's located just below the access button. 

Another development we are REALLY excited about around here..

We've been approved for a patent!

That's right. Our V.1 Pack will be patented. The only backpack like it. Sure, there will one day be copycats and we'll cross that bridge when we get there, but it feels really good to plant our flag in the sand.

Change Agents: Orange Monkey


Foldio by Orange Monkey is a portable light studio that allows anyone anywhere to take beautiful professional product photos. They completed their latest Kickstarter earlier this year with the Foldio 3, a larger version of their initial photo studio. 

Lucky for is, it fits Watson! We received ours this week and are already experimenting with all the cool ways we can capture the details of our product (including the above 3D samples). They even have an optional 360 degree rotating platform that allows you to take revolving videos. Stay tuned for those!

Orange Monkey is a company from South Korea who do all of their production domestically and after unpacking their product we can confidently say the quality and easy of use is awesome. If you (or someone on your gift list) is an entrepreneur taking product photos, this is an essential tool. Take it from us!

Finally, some insider info for you...

As we get closer to fulfillment, pre-orders will be winding down. December 31st will be the last day of pre-order pricing. If you or someone on your gift list are thinking about it, this is a heads up to get the best price.

To our American readers, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving. This weekend we are especially thankful to each of you who read along with us and support us in ways big and small.

Thanks for reading and talk soon,

Val + the Watson Team