Gaskets, Textures, Fabrics and More

Gaskets, Textures, Fabrics and More

October 13, 2017

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Making of Watson

We’re changing things up a bit this time with a shorter brief focusing on production updates. Plus, we’re making something new and we'd love your input! You can help us with product development by answering a few short questions at the link at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Production Update

After validating the opening mechanism, we've moved on to perfecting the next most critical element - the seal - ensuring your backpack shuts easily and securely. It’s been a tricky thing to define; it needs to keep water out and also feel really good to open and close, the way a Macbook shuts itself at the very end... That’s the magic we’re after. Plus it has to be low profile, practically hidden, light, durable, and easy to manufacture. We'll keep you posted when it's time for the rain test!

Stepping out of the technical and onto something a bit more fun, we reviewed a number of potential plastic textures this week. For areas where the plastic will be visible - like the buttons and opening perimeter - we want to ensure the look is subtle and the feel is luxurious. Plus it needs to wear well and look great over time. We also have the ability to create a custom texture. We’ll be making a few mock-ups to see how these options look on the actual bag.

After reviewing your feedback, we’ve improved the interior look and feel with a new, eco-friendly lining. It’s stain repellant and light enough to give good visibility inside. Oh and it’s made of recycled plastic bottles. We opted to simplify with just one fabric so that finding your gear is simple, with no prints competing for your attention. The pocket labels make it easy to identify what lives where. Plus, we’ve upgraded the laptop sleeve interior with microsuede, the VIP treatment for your #1 device.

Until next time,

Watson Team