Automated opening, peace of mind on a rainy day, plus your Best Self.

November 12, 2017

Automated opening, peace of mind on a rainy day, plus your Best Self.

In this week's edition; automated opening, peace of mind on a rainy day, and a roadmap to your Best Self.

Production Update

This week we've been perfecting the opening motion to get just the right speed and control when you push the opening button - almost like theres a motor in there. We thought it would be cool to show you how we test these kinds of things. Below is a mini version of one side of the hardshell. We 3D print it and assemble it with different mechanics to simulate how it will behave in the finished version. We've been tweaking this guy for a while, and its now feeling oh-so cool.

Look out Elon, we're coming for you.

Second thing, we're refining the button housing to ensure it's totally water-tight and flush with the top. With the flush design we've reduced the number of parts required, making it much easier to produce and keep water-tight without additional sealants. If you've ever been caught in the rain with your canvas backpack - you know what a game-changer a leak-proof backpack is going to be.


So, how are we doing in the grand scheme of things?  

We. are. hustling. The next big landmark for us is producing a final sample and testing it to make sure everything is perfect before production. We expect to have this baby in our hands by the 1st or second week of December and we are stoked. Thanks again to our community for all of the support along this journey. It means the world to us!

Change Agents

Many of you have probably heard of Best Self Co. The Self Journal is a daily agenda devised to optimize productivity and help you reach your goals by keeping you motivated and focused. In their own words, BestSelf Co are "human performance junkies who translate the success, strategies, and habits of high performance into meaningful yet simple tools that will guide you to become your Best Self." They reappeared on our radar last week as one of the fastest growing Shopify stores. Naturally, we sought to study what they were doing right. 

I think what's most potent about the people at Best Self is just that - they're people. A welcome email shares the personal stories of the founders looking for tools to help them along the challenging road of making change and building something meaningful. Their story, and the customers they feature, are instantly relatable.

And, they walk the walk; a simple plugin reveals they're A/B testing the page I'm on, are tracking what visuals I'm responding to, and they actively ask for feedback via email and Facebook. We all set BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals) but can lose steam when the road seems non-linear and unresolved. Self improvement isn't easy and we need supportive frameworks to help us test and assess to keep the forward motion going. Whether it's a Journal, a Road Map, or a Manifesto for your wall, a daily dose of good (focused) vibes can be just the thing to keep you on track. If your daily productivity routine needs a refresh, check 'em out.

Thanks for reading and until next time,

Watson Team