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  • It is an engineer’s envy. When walking around SFO, someone will use this pack as an opener and they will turn out to be a more valuable and interesting connection. Also, the ease of getting headphones in and out is cool. As the creator of Dolby Headphone, tuner of Dolby Dimension headphones, and Angel investor in Nura headphones….  Let’s say I have plenty of models to test!

    Glenn Dickins
    Technologist, investor, advisor, Principal Architect of Convergence, Dolby.

  • This is such a unique product. I love the water bottle nook and how the fabric keeps the side surface flush. Definitely draws attention around the Google campus. Congrats on launching!”

    Winston Mok
    Product Manager, Google

  • I would easily pay double if I had to buy it again. It is so much better than the alternatives. I love it.

    Justin Kathan
    EIR @ Tribe Capital

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